The Porsche bug is a nasty thing! It all started as a child when we were overtaken by a red Porsche 964 with its rear spoiler out. What a sound and sight that was. In later years the dream of owning a Porsche was fed further by the Porsche magazines. Until one day, that dream came true!

Then the bug spread out really bad. Driving a Porsche is really a special experience that really puts a grin on your face each time you drive it!

There are some really great Porsche magazines out there that we still read today. Most of them are really interesting for learning more about the Porsche marque and tell great stories. However, how fantastic they me be, they don't show the Porsches in action nor do they give you engine sounds, just to name a few!

We found it was time to make a Porsche magazine on DVD! So Fascination Porsche Magazine was born.

The first issue was for the Belgian market only. With the second issue we would like to take it to the next step and have added English subtitles and pop-ups with extra information, to please the international market.

We try to put a nice price on the DVD, so everyone can enjoy the Porsche magazine on DVD. It shouldn't be much more than the price of a normal Porsche magazine on paper. By the way, how much did you pay for your latest magazine?


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